Classes: Yoga  Levels 1 and 2

Ongoing Yoga Classes Level 1 and 2

In yoga classes, the body is explored as a way to touch our hearts and calm our minds. Through practice, we find new strength and flexibility, our whole being opens. We come to see habits and stories that may no longer serve us. Through consistent exploration, new insights are discovered: from how we move, sit, and walk, to how we experience the world through our senses, to how we understand the sacredness of life

Weekly Santa Cruz Yoga classes (levels 1 and 2):

Body & Soul Studio, Chestnut Street, Santa Cruz
Mondays      11:30 to 12:45     
Wednesdays 11:30  to 12:45    

Yoga Center Santa Cruz, Front Street, Santa Cruz
Tuesdays       8:30  to 9:45     

Private Yoga Sessions
Students choose private yoga sessions to explore particular interests and concerns. If you are new to yoga, have special circumstances, or have lots of specific questions, private sessions could be a good fit.
COST:    $85 per hour
, depending on location

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