"Karen has taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation with me for years.
A fabulous mindfulness and yoga teacher, Karen brings her presence, love and wisdom to every class she teaches. Her classes are held in an open and supportive learning environment where you can meet yourself with compassion and understanding."

- Bob Stahl, Ph.D., Mindfulness Teacher, Author of 'A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workbook'

MBSR gave me a new way to look at my daily stress. On the one hand, embracing life’s stressors as normal parts of life, and on the other hand learning to heighten awareness of life beyond the stress. Karen’s unique skill as a teacher is to offer new insight and perspective, a helpful twist to see everything with broader and more open acceptance.”
–Leonard Moore, M.D., Palo Alto Medical Foundation (formerly Santa Cruz Medical Clinic)

Karen’s skill at teaching yoga is in allowing people to work at their own pace and level, while at the same time challenging students to grow. She is very accepting and inclusive of every body type, age, style of being in the world, gender, and all the ways that we are different from one another. She has helped me re-orient to my body, which is huge for me.
–Cynthia Elliott, Hospice Nurse


“Karen is a great yoga, meditation and life teacher. We have studied with her for many years, have learned much from her teaching and are grateful for how our lives are richer.”
--Judy & Dan Phillips


“Karen is an accomplished, mature teacher who personally embodies the teachings of MBSR and yoga. She communicates the nuances of the work with knowledge and empathy, creating a learning environment where beginning students soon become dedicated.”
--Eduardo Izquierdo


"Karen teaches what she knows from direct experience, not just from a lesson plan.”
“Karen has a true gift for teaching mindfulness. She has taught me to stop trying to fix my body and my mind, and instead to give kind attention to the pain. As a result, my suffering has lessened and left room for me to enjoy life, without always focusing on wishing things were different.”
--Sharon Himmelsbach


"I read books and ‘tried’ to meditate for about 10 years. Then I took Karen's MBSR class and it was the catalyst to me enjoying a daily practice that has transformed my life. I could not have done it without her!"
"I had so much pain in my body I did not think I would "ever" learn how to be with it. Somehow, the MSBR class and Karen's loving support provided me a gentle container I can use to journey with it. I am forever grateful."
--Clare Tooth



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